A torifyed dockerized RESTful API for storing encrypted files

Storing encrypted files using tor

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Safer is a RESTful API written in Python using Flask which is mount it inside a docker container and it’s accessible via Tor. All files are encrypted and can be only decrypted by using a Key; this key is generated from a password. In order download any file you need the ID of the file and the Key. Since the key isn’t stored by the server you will need to save it by yourself. The funny thing is that a Hidden Service is created and an .onion v3 is generated.


First, we need Docker Compose. Please refer to the official documentation here. After installing Docker Compose, clone this repo and move into the safer folder:

$ git clone https://github.com/davidtavarez/safer.git
$ cd safer

Now, we just need to run the manage script

$ bash manage
  _____  ____  _____  ___  ____
 / ___/ /    ||     |/  _]|    \
(   \_ |  o  ||   __/  [_ |  D  )
 \__  ||     ||  |_|    _]|    /
 /  \ ||  _  ||   _]   [_ |    \
 \    ||  |  ||  | |     ||  .  \
  \___||__|__||__| |_____||__|\_|
Usage: manage [-h]
Usage: manage [option...] --{init|start|halt|reload|rebuild|clean|onion}

   --- MANAGEMENT ---
   -i, --init, init           Initializes the containers.
   -s, --start, start         Starts all configured services.
   -p, --halt, halt           Stops all configured services.
   -r, --relaod, reload       Restart all configured services.
   -b, --rebuild, rebuild     Rebuild all configured services.
   -c, --clean, clean         Cleans containers, volumes, images.

   --- UTILITIES ---
   -o, --onion, onion         Get the onion URL.
   -h, --help, help           Shows this help box.

Great! we’re ready to go! We just need to run: bash manage init.


Uploading files:

{"id": 1, "key": "QRhtN5X4oGR8GxlLSEL1GJJlZgf64VXyMkx7YIbvVK4="}

Downloading files:

$ download 1 "QRhtN5X4oGR8GxlLSEL1GJJlZgf64VXyMkx7YIbvVK4\=" FILE.EXT


Christophe Mehay for his amazing work on goldy/tor-hidden-service/


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.